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Scroll your way through our most recent adventures for trip reports, trail descriptions, and photos of our latest and greatest hiking quests.
Buena Vista Peak, a 7,204-foot granite dome summit in Kings Canyon National Park, rises above even the towering giant sequoias – the views from its treeless, boulder-strewn mountaintop offering a 360-degree panorama of the Sierra’s high country.... Read more
Pinnacles National Park, a unique landscape born of fire, is home to rare talus caves, towering rock spires, ancient volcanic remnants, woodlands, and canyons – walking along any one of the park’s many trails immerse you in the distinctive geology.... Read more
Glacier Point, an overlook with an unparalleled 180-degree view of Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, Yosemite Fall, Vernal and Nevada Fall, and Yosemite’s high country.... Read more
Shark Fin Cove, a hidden beach along the Pacific Coast Highway, is known for its distinctive rock formation offshore that resembles a shark fin.... Read more
Hawksbill Summit, the highest mountain in Shenandoah National Park, consistently ranks as one of the most popular hikes in the park.... Read more
The Great Marsh, a popular Indiana Dunes trail that features an observation platform where you might spot a wide variety of birds such as Great Blue Herons and Sandhill Cranes, is the largest interdunal wetland in the Lake Michigan watershed.... Read more
The Grandview Rim Trail, the longest trail at Grandview, is a rewarding trail that meanders through a mature forest of hardwoods, hemlocks, and rhododendron groves on its way from the Main Overlook near the Grandview Visitor Center to the Turkey Spur Overlook.... Read more
Berea Pinnacles, part of the Indian Fort Trail system, is located within 9000 acres of forested land managed for generations by Berea College Foresters, making it one of the oldest managed private forests in the country.... Read more
Cumberland Falls, an impressive 68 feet tall by 160 feet wide cascade of water reminiscent of Niagara Falls, is a must stop for outdoor enthusiasts visiting Kentucky y.... Read more
The Acropolis of Athens is the most compelling and complete ancient Greek monumental complex still in existence today.... Read more
Santorini, known since ancient times as Thira, is one of the most beautiful islands in the world – located in the southernmost part of the Greek Cyclades, the island sits amid the sparkling azure waters of the Aegean.... Read more
The Archaeological Site of Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Central Greece, sits at the base of Mount Parnassus overlooking the sprawling Valley of Phocis filled with groves of olive trees.... Read more
Craggy Pinnacle, the third highest peak in the Great Craggy Mountains, is a heath bald summit with sweeping 360-degree views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Parkway landscape... Read more
Fantastic displays of wildflowers, broad sweeping views, and an expansive chain of Southern Appalachian balds, each with a sea of waving grass, await the hiker trekking the Appalachian Trail from Carvers Gap to Grassy Ridge BaldWatkins Glen State Park, one of the premier destinations in New York’s Finger Lakes Region, provides hikers with an intimate look at the dark, moisture laden hanging valley that has been twisted and carved by Glen Creek... Read more
Congaree National Park, located in central South Carolina, protects an area of outstanding biodiversity... Read more
The Anhinga Trail, a 0.75-mile loop through prime Everglades territory, is world renowned for its abundance of wildlife... Read more
Ledges, waterfalls, and tight squeezes await the hiker at Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State park in Northeast Ohio.... Read more
Lindy Point, arguably one of the most scenic overlooks in West Virginia, provides hikers with a sweeping view of Blackwater Canyon... Read more
Douglas Falls, a 35 foot cascade along West Virginia’s scenic North Fork Blackwater River, is quickly becoming a sought after destination for explorers of the Mountain State... Read more
Painted Canyon, a hauntingly beautiful window into the scenery of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, adorns the landscape with a color palette ranging from pinks and reds to blacks, ochres, and greens... Read more
The amazing colors and shapes of the theatrical Badlands aside, the large spherical boulders known as Cannonball Concretions definitely steal the show... Read more
West Thumb Geyser Basin, one of the smallest yet most concentrated geyser basins in Yellowstone National Park, can easily be counted as the most scenic thanks to its location on the shores of Yellowstone Lake... Read more
Inspiration Point, a rocky promontory that juts out into the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, is a natural observation point that provides dizzying views both upstream and downstream of the Yellowstone River... Read more
Artist Point, home to one of the most iconic vistas in Yellowstone National Park, grants an unparalleled view of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and of Lower Falls... Read more
Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest thermal spring in the United States and the third largest on Earth, radiates both heat and beauty from its chromatic depths... Read more
The trail from Schwabacher Landing, a launch site on the Snake River, leads the hiker along the shores of the river to arguably the most photogenic mountain scene in North America... Read more
Alpine Ridge Trail, located adjacent to the Alpine Visitor Center along Trail Ridge Road, is a short, fairly steep hike up the slopes of a peak informally known as Huffers Hill... Read more
Bear Lake, a beautiful alpine lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, can be easily circumnavigated along the Bear Lake Nature Loop Trail... Read more
Monument Rocks Natural Area, one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas, is a striking collection of chalk pinnacles, small buttes, spires, and arches... Read more
The Konza Prairie Biological Station, named one of the 8 wonders of Kansas geography and located in the Flint Hills of northeastern Kansas, preserves a native tallgrass prairie... Read more
Mina Sauk Falls Trail, a 2.9 mile loop trail located in Taum Sauk Mountain State Park, provides hikers with access to two of Missouri’s tallest geologic features... Read more
Deep in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness, jutting out from the slopes of Cave Mountain, there is a jagged rock outcrop that resembles the beak of a hawk... Read more
The Canyon Rim Boardwalk, a wooden staircase with overlooks, clings to the east face of the New River Gorge ... Read more
Long Point, a rock outcrop that juts into the New River Gorge, is located at the terminus of the 1.6 mile Long Point Trail... Read more
Coopers Rock State Forest, home to some of the most beautiful views in West Virginia, is a popular destination for hikers and sightseers alike... Read more
Headlands Beach State Park, sandwiched between Mentor Marsh and Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserves, protects the largest stretch of natural sand beach in Ohio... Read more
A leisurely stroll through a beech-maple forest scattered with giant boulders and old farm remnants leads to a unmatched view from a bluff high above the sparkling blue waters of Lake Michigan... Read more
Robinson Falls, also known as Corkscrew Falls, is a hidden gem tucked away in a narrow gorge within a newly opened section of Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve... Read more
Lily Lake, located within Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, is an easy day hike that offers spectacular views of Longs Peak, Estes Cone, and Twin Sisters from the shores of a pristine alpine lake... Read more
False Kiva, a Class II Archeological Site hidden within the remote Island in the Sky District of Utah’s Canyonlands National Park, is a hauntingly beautiful ruin tucked high above the canyon in a vast alcov... Read more
Fire Wave, an undulating swirl of fiery hued sandstone, has eluded many hikers who venture from the lights of Las Vegas, and others, to the solitude of the Valley of Fir... Read more
The floor of Hidden Canyon, a hanging canyon tucked in a ravine between Cable Mountain and the north wall of the Great White Throne, lies high above the lush Virgin River valley of Zionl’s Landing—if you have done your research, you know this hike is not for anyone with a fear of heights. You probably also know that it is one of the most unique and thrilling hiking trails in the national park service... Read more
Angel’s Landing—if you have done your research, you know this hike is not for anyone with a fear of heights. You probably also know that it is one of the most unique and thrilling hiking trails in the national park service... Read more
Historic Fort Jefferson, located nearly 70 miles west of Key West, Florida, is the centerpiece of the pristine and remote Dry Tortugas National Park... Read more
Turkey Run State Park, protecting some of Indiana’s most scenic landscapes, preserves a collection of deep canyons, also called runs, nestled in the shadows of massive Mansfield sandstone cliffs and towering Hemlock groves... Read more
Ek’ Balam, an impressive Maya ruin near the colonial city of Vallodolid in Mexico’s Yucatan, preserves an ancient city complete with two palaces, a huge pyramid (El Torre)or the Acropolis, and several temples... Read more
Hiking the Falls Trail in Ricketts Glen State Park is a spectacular way to spend the day—18 waterfalls, 3.2 miles of hiking, and countless opportunities for fun, photography, and adventure await those who set out to enjoy this amazing trail. Read more
Glacier National Park is famous for excellent scenery and incredible dayhikes and the short but scenic trail to Apikuni Falls is no exception Read more

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