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Titi Trail

Bosque del Cabo Private Reserve, Costa Rica

Toucans, aracaris, squirrel monkeys or titi (the most endangered of the four types of monkeys in Costa Rica), agoutis, pizotes, tayras, collared peccaries, and maybe even a jaguar are all a possible sighting while hiking the 0.8-mile loop of the Titi Trail. The Titi Trail winds through classic secondary growth rainforest, an absolute Eden for birds and ground animals who love the thick undergrowth—a proliferation of which increases your chances of seeing one of several species of jungle cats. It is a lucky hiker indeed who catches a glimpse of a jaguar, puma, margay, ocelot, or jaguarondi, but those of us who tramp the trail only to encounter a band of gregarious, tail held high coatimundis (pizotes) still feel quite fortunate. Allow about an hour to explore the flora and fauna of this relatively flat trail—there are a few inclines to contend with, but it is the heat and humidity that present the main physical challenge—and then relax with a cold drink at Bosque’s open air restaurant.



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