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Schwabacher Landing

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

The trail from Schwabacher Landing, a launch site on the Snake River, leads the hiker along the shores of the river to arguably the most photogenic mountain scene in North America.

The flat river area is home to a range of wildlife including elk, deer, antelope, coyote, moose, bald eagles, ducks, osprey, and beaver—the animal responsible for providing the mirror pool that reflects the Tetons.

The trail meanders along the banks of the Snake River, passing by picturesque views of the Tetons, as it makes its way towards a grassy area—you can choose to stroll through the tall grass towards the forest, or you can stop at the beaver dam pools—the hike can range from 1 to 4 miles roundtrip.

From the parking area, locate the trailhead and hike along the well defined but neglected trails—follow at your leisure without fear of getting lost—just keep the river to your west and the highway and sagebrush flats to your east. Sunrise is particularly inspiring at this location, so head out early and catch the alpenglow lighting up the mountains—just walk north from the parking lot until you reach the beaver dam and the reflecting pond it created. There you will see the familiar reflection of the Tetons’ Cathedral Group and Mount Moran framed in the still pool—bring a split neutral density filter and a tripod for stunning photographs.

Explore the area freely, and discover your own version of this classic shot—head back the way you came once you have thoroughly surveyed the scene.

Schwabacher Landing


Mormon Row

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