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Natural Bridge Loop Trail

Rockbridge State Nature Preserve, Ohio

This 1.75 mile loop trail leads to the longest natural rock bridge in Ohio—this natural landmark lies nestled in a valley of the Hocking River. In order to find the arch, follow the trail that leads from the parking lot through a narrow corridor between two fencerows—from this point, the trail will soon climb a steep hill alongside a farm pasture—the hill can be strenuous but pace yourself and you will be fine. If you get too tired, there are even benches strategically placed along the way for you to rest. When you enter into the woods you can follow the loop trail in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction—we went clockwise. After about 10 minutes of hiking you come to the Rockbridge—a massive structure sitting rather unassumingly off to the left of the trail. So unassumingly that we almost missed it—but once you see it you will be shocked by its grandness. Rockbridge is nearly 100 feet long and ranges from 6 to 20 feet wide—it also features a 50 foot seasonal waterfall cascading over a cliff behind the arch. At this point in the hike, you are standing on top of the arch—take the trail that goes under the arch for a great view of the waterfall, the arch from below, and the plunge pool 50 feet below the bridge.


October 2010


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