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The Hot Tubs or Queen’s Baths

Eleuthera, The Bahamas

Dramatic, crashing waves that wash over and fill natural pools await the intrepid Eleuthera hiker—the Queen’s Baths or Hot Tubs, located on the rugged Atlantic side of the island are the perfect cure for those who find themselves lulled into inactivity by the all to gentle waves of the Caribbean.

These round depressions, known locally as “moon pools”, are natural rock formations that fill with water from the sweeping waves of the Atlantic Ocean—the water in the pools is clear and warmed by the sun, creating a bath-like temperate tidal pool perfect for soaking.

To reach the pools, located 0.6-miles south of the Glass Window Bridge, park near the stone entrance gate on the east side of The Queen’s Highway—from the gate, hike along the sandy road towards the Atlantic. In just 0.05 miles you will reach the sharp, rocky bluffs that conceal the baths—hike towards the edge of the cliff until you see an access path leading off to the left and down to sea level. Follow this ocean-smoothed path to The Hot Tubs only if the sea is calm and the tide isn’t high—check the tides before you go as the pools can fill up quickly and forcefully at high tide and can become quite dangerous.

If the sea is calm, enjoy a dip in the warm pools during low or medium tide—the sun heated water, refreshed by sprays and rivulets from the cool Atlantic, create the ideal natural bath with a view.


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