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Pos Mangel

Washington-Slagbaai National Park, Bonaire

You will hike among wild goats, kododo blauw lizards, iguanas, and several species of tropical birds as you make your way to Pos Mangel (sweet well), one of the few places in Washington-Slagbaai where freshwater is usually always available. Thanks to the freshwater source, this short 0.5 mile hike has the possibility of excellent wildlife viewing. As you quietly approach the water source at the end of the trail you are likely to see yellow warblers, bananaquits, tropical mockingbirds, and parakeets. There is also usually a pack of goats patiently hiking with you just waiting for a handout, even the iguanas are beggars! This can actually be a bit unnerving as they are around three to four feet long and very fast on their feet! Don’t worry though, they won’t hurt you, and it is really cool to have them approach so closely—they will even skitter happily towards you if you kneel down on the ground. This roundtrip hike takes less then 30 minutes, so don’t feel pushed for time, the hike is worth the short time it takes to explore this natural area.



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