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Headlands Dunes Trail Headlands Beach State Park/Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve, Ohio

Headlands Beach State Park, sandwiched between Mentor Marsh and Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserves, protects the largest stretch of natural sand beach in Ohio - the mile long beach is in fact the last undeveloped shoreline along Lake Erie.

A sandy path, boardwalks, and shoreline beach make exploring the park fun and easy start out by hiking along the beach towards the Fairport Harbor West Lighthouse.

The sand and gravel beach is the perfect place to discover a rock perfect for skimming driftwood provides the perfect perch for seagulls and plovers.

As you near the lighthouse, the large stones of the breakwater will come into view walking on the breakwater is permitted but the lighthouse is closed to the public. In addition to great views of the lighthouse, you can also see Fairport Harbor and the Perry Nuclear Power Plant from the breakwater.

After watching the sun set from the shore of Lake Erie, should you be lucky enough to hike during dusk, follow the sandy path of the Dunes Trail to return to your car the lighthouse and Dunes Trail are actually part of Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve rather than the State Park.

The Dunes Trail is the perfect place to admire the flora and fauna of the Headlands area plants more common to the Atlantic coast can be found here and wildlife abounds. As we made our way back to the parking area we encountered a curious red fox, white-tailed deer, and a cute little skunk.

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