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Eagle Cliff Falls

Havana Glen Park, New York

Eagle Cliff Falls, located within the quaint city park of Havana Glen, is the product of McClure Creek cascading 40 feet over the shale cliffs of the deep gorge—the wide plume, nearly 20 feet across, plunges through a notch in the rock walls into an emerald pool, before continuing along its multi-tiered course over a series of ledges.

The park’s only parking area, located off Route 14 on Havana Glen Road south of the city of Montour Falls, provides access to the trailhead—from the parking area, hike along the banks of McClure Creek surrounded by the steep-sided walls of the limestone cliffs, as you climb into the glen towards the base of the falls.

After a short hike of only 0.1-mile, the glen opens into a rock amphitheater with Eagle Cliff Falls center stage—stand awe-struck at the trail’s end or continue hiking in the streambed to reach the base of the falls where you can wade directly under the falling water.

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