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Brink of Upper Falls Trail – Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The Yellowstone River, a beautifully rugged waterway, has spent thousands of years carving the canyon we now know as the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone—dramatically showcased within Yellowstone National Park, the canyon and river, especially its two massive waterfalls (Upper and Lower Yellowstone Falls) draw millions of visitors every year.

Upper Falls, a 109-foot thunderous cascade, marks the beginning of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone—a 20-mile long, 1000 feet deep, 1500-4000 feet wide rift of rhyolite tuff that conveys the geologic history of the park via dramatic colors and shapes.

The Brink of Upper Falls, a rocky precipice where the falls plunge over the cliff edge into the canyon below, can be reached by hiking the short, paved path a mere 623 feet (0.12-mile) to the viewing platform at the Lower Overlook—descend from the parking area, navigate a couple flights of stairs, and then peer over the railing and feel the power of the massive waterfall.


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