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Bright Angel Point

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

The trail to Bright Angel Point, one of the most spectacular views of the Grand Canyon from the North Rim, is a mere 0.25-mile (0.5-mile roundtrip) hike along a paved path. The short walk to the point exaggerates the effect the Grand Canyon has on its surroundings, particularly evident is the variation in vegetation zones encountered within a very short distance—take note of the transition from cool green forest on the plateau to juniper and pinyon not far below the rim. On flat land, you would have to travel hundreds of miles to see this change, but because of canyon topography the transition is compressed into a few hundred yards. We began our hike to Bright Angel Point just behind the Visitor Center near the Lodge, hiked to the point and then returned along the same path until coming to the intersection where it splits off towards the Grand Canyon Lodge—from the lodge we hiked a portion of the Transept Trail, taking in two superb viewpoints. The hike to Bright Angel Point affords spectacular views of Roaring Springs Canyon to the east and a portion of the Transept Canyon to the west, until finally opening up to a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon and the south rim 10 miles across the canyon. Highlights along Bright Angel Point include views of Roaring Springs, a rockslide in the Transept Canyon, and numerous fossils along the trail. In addition to the expansive views, be sure to enjoy the proximity of the bare, worn and precarious rocks that line the trail—a micro landscape unto themselves. The impressive views from the point and the ease of hiking the short path prompted us to return for sunset—a trail so nice we hiked it twice. If you have the opportunity to hike out to Bright Angel Point for sunset, do not hesitate—watching the canyon walls take on a fiery glow is a remarkable sight.

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