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Blackwater Falls

Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia

Blackwater Falls State Park is named for the falls of the Blackwater River, whose amber-colored waters plunge five stories, then twist and tumble through an eight-mile long gorge. The "black" water refers to the amber hue of the water, which is a result of tannic acid from fallen hemlock and red spruce needles様ogging in the area has resulted in the falls being less tea colored then in years past, but the color is still visible.

For the best views of the falls of the Blackwater River, located near Davis, West Virginia, you must descend 214 stairs (trailhead located on the west side of Blackwater Canyon) to an observation platform near the base of this spectacular waterfall葉he stairs are part of a wooden boardwalk, which makes the hike much more pleasant and easily accessible for any fit hiker.

Another viewing platform, located on the east side of the gorge, provides a less dramatic, yet equally beautiful vista that is handicap accessible葉he east access is via a left turn at the intersection of SR 32 and CR 29. Drive 0.4-mile from the intersection and watch for the Gentle Trail parking area on the right葉he trail is less than 100 yards long.

Throughout most of the year, the falls is split into three plumes by a massive rock outcrop葉he divisive boulder sends part of the river over the precipice in one long cascade, while the remaining river flows over a number of rock layers. In the spring, or during high water volume, the water overtakes the jutting rock, sending the river over the cliff in one crashing stream. Regardless of the water flow, Blackwater Falls remains one of the most photographed scenes in West Virginia.

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