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Ayo Rock Formations


     Aruba is dotted with massive diorite boulders that weigh several thousand tons and rise up as high as many rural buildings—you can explore the most impressive collections at Ayo and Casibari.

     The monolithic boulders at Ayo Rock Formations host a scattering of petroglyphs—images carved into the rock by the early inhabitants of the island—and a system of paved paths that lead around and through the large rocks.

     Ayo, just to the northeast of Hooiberg, and usually less crowded than Casibari, offers a slightly more rugged experience—tunnels and narrow passage ways weave through the boulders, but unlike Casibari, no steps have been carved into the rocks. So, if you want to stand on top of an Ayo boulder, it is up to you to scramble to the top on your own accord.

     The boulders, which leave scientists scratching their heads, offers the adventurous tourist a unique island hiking experience—you might even catch a glimpse of a burrowing owl at dawn or dusk, or any number of local lizard species. While hiking the maze of boulders at Ayo, we spotted a bright green iguana hanging out trailside—lizards can be seen just about any time the sun is shining.

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