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Naisau Peak
Nacula Island, Yasawa Chain, Fiji

     Hilly Nacula, the third largest of Fiji’s Yasawa Islands, provides hikers with an opportunity to climb a grassy inland ridge to the 780 foot summit of Naisau Peak—a volcanic highpoint in the heart of the South Pacific.

     Hikers that book a vacation at the Blue Lagoon Resort will enjoy the opportunity to explore the trails that lead inland, to local villages, and to the Nacula’s highpoint—Naisau Peak.

     To access the trail that leads to the summit, simply follow the path adjacent to the resort ‘s office—the dirt trail leads into the palm trees and then steeply climbs the grassy hillside to an inland ridge where one can see incredible views of the beach and the surrounding coral reef.

     The path itself is not marked in any particular manner, but any local can point you in the right direction—just follow the trail towards the village and then bear right to climb the hillside when you see a water tank perched on the ridge. From there the path is straight forward and eventually leads you to the top of the island and spectacular views all around. From the summit you can continue hiking down to the village or retrace your steps back the way you came to the office—either way the hike is incredible!


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