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Osprey Rock

Pigeon Pond & Frenchman's Creek NR

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

Osprey Rock is located along the most southwest point of the island of Providenciales. When you arrive to find its miles of deserted beaches you will think you have found paradise. We found this hidden treasure totally by accident when we became lost looking for Malcolm’s Rd Beach. An unmarked gravel road, which we presumed was Malcolm’s Rd, leaves from Blue Hills and heads for the coast. The drive is about ten miles down a rutted and bumpy gravel road, but the reward at the end of the drive is totally worth the uncomfortable drive (only attempt this with a four-wheel drive vehicle). The beach at Osprey Rock is pristine, with soft white sand and crystal clear shallow water lapping its shores. The water is perfect for swimming and you can wade out about a 100 yards before the water is even waist deep. The beach is a mix between soft white sand, limestone shelves, and shells. So hiking the shoreline requires some foot protection for portions of the walk. The hike is approximately 2 miles one-way to Pelican Point. Along the way you will be stunned by the natural beauty that surrounds you. Huge red cushion sea stars graze in the shallow waters and queen conch shells litter the beaches. The conch shells are so plentiful that in some places it is impossible to see the sand. Many of the conch shells are broken or have turned black with age, but it just adds to the natural beauty. Near Osprey Rock it became apparent how the spot got its name as there was a huge osprey sitting perched in a tree. If you keep your distance you can watch as she fishes in the ocean and glides on the thermals. Walk as far as you like along the shore, but for us the hike ended at Pelican Point amid mangroves and sandy beaches.


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